India Centre for Lab Grown Diamonds


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India Centre for Lab Grown Diamond (InCent–LGD) is established by IIT Madras and Ministry of Commerce and Industry for the development of many technologies based on Lab Grown Diamond.

The Centre will be developing indigenous technologies for the benefit of several market segments. The technologies developed will be available to Indian customers to grow diamond and makes India self-reliant (Atma-Nirbhar Bharat) in producing gem-grade diamond as well as diamond for a plethora electronic application viz., High-speed devices and 5G/6G technologies based on the semiconducting properties of doped diamond, Thermal management (cooling/heat dissipation), machine tool-life enhancement, magnetometry, quantum computing etc.

The Centre will develop technologies based on HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) and MPCVD (Microwave Plasma-enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition) methods. The Centre will also focus on the indigenous development of Solid-State Microwave Generators (SSMG) to be used in various applications.

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